Marwan is an Entrepreneur by nature, a local Bahraini who always had a vision of developing Bahrainis and is keen to help in uplifting the professionalism of Bahrainis and Bahraini organisaitons. Marwan has over 20 years experience in starting, developing and globalising businesses. Marwan spent the early part of his career establishing a Management & International Consultancy firm in Bahrain and linking it to internationally recognised partners such as the University of Glamorgan in UK, ACAD in Egypt, American University in Lebanon (AUL) and Positive Effects in UK. Marwan has established himself as a highly respected, passionate and effective businessman. Since 1994, he has contributed to more than 400 Bahraini Managers in offering them Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualifications in Bahrain as he was the first in the region to initiate the idea of long-distance learning with the University of Glamorgan in the United Kingdom. Marwan continued to develop his career by establishing a company that focuses on organisational development; where it exceeded expectations in Bahrain and globalised it to many countries such as UK, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, KSA, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait. Marwan is a qualified coach and many Executives have benefited from his 1-1 coaching sessions. He added a local flavour to international standards in the region by ensuring his businesses provides high quality standards with a local and traditional approach.

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